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Refocus, Renew, Recharge

Receive answers, to questions about your life’s journey, your past, your present, where you’re headed, or a very specific situation.

My readings are accurate and bring great clarity, help identify what is necessary and possible to reach your personal goals, they support you in recognizing options and new possibilities.

My coaching helps to understand the fundamental nature of reality, the principles of being and health, and how best to adapt to constant change. 

Readings can reduce anxiety, stress, and anger, and can promote a sense of inner peace and hope.

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Transcendental Readings by Yvonne    

For over two decades I have been successfully working in the entertainment industry as an actress and producer and am based in Frankfurt am Main and New York.

I have been intensively studying natural sciences, Eastern and Western healing methods and metaphysics, the physical theories that connect the spiritual with the material world for many years and have participated in seminars and courses.

Since childhood, I am very intuitive and kept exploring how everything is connected.

I have been reading people for many years.

My clients include actors, athletes and celebrities, as well as clairvoyants themselves.

Due to my scientific, marketing, and entertainment background, I consult with clients and businesses internationally.


Certified Organeticist, Organetics deals with the physiology and anatomy of the body and combines Eastern and Western healing methods, it is based on modern quantum physics and determines the bio-resonance, the work between consciousness and subconsciousness.

Course on chemistry and neurobiology of the brain in the creation of reality

Course on epigenetics, chronobiology, neurobiology, psychology, information, holistic and conventional medicine

Intensive seminar on toxicology, acid-base balance & physical principles of electrolysis

Pedagogy studies 1994-1998 Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

Certified Access Bars® Practitioner

Heart Rate Variability Measurement training




Answers questions about the past, the present and the direction you are heading, it helps to recognize your personality and your potential, what is necessary and possible to achieve personal goals, answers questions about specific situations, relieves stress and promotes a sense of inner peace.


Helps overcome personal or professional challenges, helps release from blocked situations and navigates the transition to new goals. It trains the mind in active listening, how to connect with others, understanding expectations, communication, as well as authenticity, visibility. It helps to promote clarity, to create positive change.


are 32 points on the head that store electromagnetic components of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, and considerations. They are activated with gentle touch hands-on technique. When activated, it can help facilitate the reduction of stress and trauma throughout the body and increase feelings of happiness and gratitude.

Access Bars have been reported to help, deep relaxation, ease of sleep, dissipate mind chatter, reduce overwhelm, decrease negative limiting thought patterns, change negative behavioral patterns, improve well-being.

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