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Actress (SAG/AFTRA), producer, traveler, based in New York and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I was born and raised in Frankfurt am Main Germany and lived part-time in various countries in Asia and then in Mallorca and Malaga Spain.

Early on I started my career as an actress and model.

Over the years I was involved in many international productions.

As an actress, I can be seen in OUTCALL, CHECKMATE, THE CHILD, BROOKLYN BANKER, PIZZA JOINT, BERLIN I LOVE YOU (South American edition), LITTLE WEST 12th STREET, COBRA 11, and TRECE among others. 

In 2008 I founded the film production company YMC Films in New York and in 2012 YMC Entertainment, a branch in Germany.

Productions and Co-Productions include FORGET ME NOT (2009), THE CHILD (2012), an adaptation of a best-selling novel by Sebastian Fitzek, CHECKMATE, KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER (2013), HOME STAY (2018), BERLIN I LOVE YOU (2018), the action thriller THE OTHER PATH (2019) shot in Istanbul and more.

Documentary co-productions include STICK 'EM UP RELOADED (2015), THE CUBAN HERD (2016), and GLORY PERU (2018).

For many years I have been intensively studying natural sciences, eastern and western healing methods and metaphysics, the physical theories that connect the spiritual with the material world and have participated in seminars and courses.

Due to my scientific experience, marketing and entertainment background, I additionally advise international companies, in the fields of health, science and biotechnology among others.

Work Experience



New York, NY and Frankfurt am Main Germany


Yvonne Schäfer


Frankfurt am Main, Germany



Work History

Television, Film, Voice Over, Music Video, Commercial, Theater, Radio, Industrial, Internet

Job Types

Actress, Producer Writer


Height                             5' 9½" (1.76m)

Hair                                  Brown (middle length)

Eyes                                 Brown

Weight                            127 lbs (58KG)

Physique                        Slim


Athletics Snowboarding, Rollerblading, Ice Skating, Golf, Aerobics, Swimming, Yoga, Snow Skiing, Bowling, Water Skiing, Surfing, Diving


French, German, Middle Eastern, Spanish


German, Spanish, English



Improvisation, Teleprompter, Voiceover


Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Pedagogic


One on One NYC, Commercial Acting, David Bellantoni, 2022, New York, New York

Scene Studies, Monologue, Improvisation, Vince Curatola , 2021, New Jersey

WT Fight System, Combat for Stage & Screen, 2017, Brussel, Belgium

Stoller Systems, Dialect Coaching & Speech, Amy Stoller, 2009 - 2011, New York, NY

E-Stunts, Stunt Training, Spiros Anastassiadis, 2008, Offenbach, Germany

Scream Factory Frankfurt, =Vocal Classes, Linda Rocco 2007 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Stage Dance, Kelechi Onyele, 2004 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Michael Margotta Seminar, Training / Script Analysis / Take Action 2003, Spain

Method Acting   Intensive Acting Workshops and Classes, Michael Margotta, 2001 & 2002 Mallorca / Spain

Scream Factory Vocal and Performance Coaching, Linda Rocco, George   Liszt 1998 Frankfurt am Main Germany

Intensive Theater Workshop, 1997, Hong Kong, China

Ernst-Reuter - Theater-Studio, K. Volkel 1990, Frankfurt am Main         

IMDb Yvonne Maria Schaefer
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